The Sake

KANSAI — the Roots of Japanese Sake

‘Sake (Nihon-shu)’ is unique Japanese liquor made from ‘water’ and ‘rice,’ born in KANSAI, the center of Japanese food culture. The KANSAI area to this day produces the most Sake in Japan. The Sake of KANSAI is ‘liquor of beauty,’ made from pure water and premium rice, brewed by master craftsmanship.



Hyogo - Japan's number one location for Sake

Hyogo prefecture is the mother and a major producing region of the best-known quality sake rice, Yamada Nishiki. It is the rice for high quality sake, occupying the top ranks in domestic competitions, shipped from Hyogo to breweries nationwide in Japan.



Yamada Nishiki - best Sake brewing rice

Yamada Nishiki came to be known within Japan and abroad as the best Sake brewing rice. Yamada Nishiki was first created in Hyogo prefecture in 1923. Yamada Nishiki is grown on the north side of the Rokko Mountains, where there is temperature difference between night and day of more then 10℃ even in the summer, as well as well-drained soil in magnesium and phosphorus. Many famous Sake Breweries around Japan now use Yamada Nishiki grown in Hyogo. Blessed with raw materials and the terroir to nurture it, Hyogo is Japan's number one location for Sake.


Micro Sake Brewery

Techniques - the Masterpiece of the Micro Sake Brewery

The brewing techniques have been passed down from generation to generation resulting in an abundance of high quality Sake breweries. From those breweries, we have carefully selected and are presenting you with first-rate Sake.